The Purpose of SCY is simple. We want to create an environment where we can mentor students to LIVE BIG and LOVE BETTER. Whether through their home life, school life, friend life, or extra curricular life, we want to bring together what it means to be a whole human to the conversation. We want to encourage students to live authentically and to truly embrace who they were created to be. We do that by implementing some core values.

RESPECT. Above all, we encourage students to respect one another. No matter what belief system they adhere to or come from, we welcome ideas and we seek to develop a safe place where students can share those ideas.

  • Honesty. We believe the only way to combat some of the youth issues our community faces is if we are open and honest about the successes and struggles we face each day.
  • Living life together. While recognizing that our leaders aren’t perfect, we encourage them to live alongside the students as much as possible. We believe that people of all ages have a longing for authentic community.
  • Jesus centric. We believe the best way is the way of Jesus. At SCY, you will discover the stories and teachings of Jesus being taught in a fresh and relevant way, in language that students of all backgrounds can understand.
  • Fun. We’re all about having fun, making incredible memories and experiencing life-changing adventures together.
  • Excellence. We strive for excellence in our mentoring, our programming and everything that we do.